European Healthcare Hackathon 2022

InterSystems on European Healthcare Hackathon 2022

Build your innovation with technology used by world's most important applications! For this hackathon we give you free access to our latest cloud offers:
  • FHIR Accelerator Service
  • A fully managed, enterprise-grade FHIR service, hosted on AWS and available in the US and Europe. InterSystems will securely manage health data, making it easy to develop innovative healthcare applications using FHIR.
  • HealthShare Message Transformation Services
  • Automate the transformation of health care data to FHIR R4 resources and deposit the resources into a cloud based data repository.

Take up the challenge!

We are looking for the most interesting applications that make use of HL7 FHIR standards. Interacting with the smart device or hospital's EMR? Building a consumer-facing mobile app or predicting the next infection outbreak with Machine Learning? All of the above? Up to you, as long as your solution helps to improve people's health.

To qualify for the prize, your solution needs to use one or more InterSystems FHIR services, such as InterSystems FHIR accelerator service and/or HealthShare Message Transformation Service.

  • 1st place: 1,500 EUR
  • 2nd place: 1,000 EUR
  • 3rd place: 500 EUR

InterSystems will provide free access to cloud services, multiple sample datasets with clinical data, online and onsite mentors and support.

This challenge can be combined with other challenges.


InterSystems Cloud Portal

Get production-grade healthcare information storage populated with sample patient data in few minutes


Our journey starts with registering a new tenant on InterSystems Cloud Portal. Click on "Cloud Portal" link and enter your details to get access.

Cloud Portal


Once you confirm your email and log into portal, you will get redirected to Deployments page. Each deployment represents an independent healthcare storage powered by FHIR API, residing on a dedicated virtual server within one of cloud provider's data centers (at the moment we only support Amazon AWS). Let's click "Create Deployment" button to create our first deployment.


For this hackathon you will get access to Extra Small size FHIR Accelerator Service deployment. Don't worry, it has more than enough power for typical hackathon tasks, and if you need more for some reason, ask us and we'll resize it for you! Fill out the form on this screen and in about 10 minutes you'll get your own FHIR server.


Depending on the project you have in mind, you might need some sample patient data in your storage. Once deployment is created and running, click on it and go to "Data Management" menu, and select "Bundle Operations" tab. This is where you can populate your server with sample patient databases, from relatively healthy patients to ones having specific health issues like Arthritis, Covid or Allergies.


One more step before we can use our healthcare storage is to set up security -- by default no one has access to it! FHIR Accelerator supports two security protocols you can use: API Keys and OAuth. For hackathon we strongly recommend to use API Key approach because it's much simpler to set up and debug. Go to the API Keys page and create an API key.


Congratulations, you now have fully set up your FHIR server! Go to the Overview page and click on "Samples with API Key" button to see some sample requests, and use "API Development" page to explore and try all available APIs.
You can find some query examples here.

We Offer the best

Unique advantages for better experience

Quick start

Do a few clicks of a button and 5 minutes later you have a fully functional FHIR Server to build your solution. It's very easy and simple. Use your time to build your solution, not installing software.

Easy debug

Use a Developer Portal for understanding and testing FHIR APIs, using a Swagger-UI front-end, and easy access to all FHIR search parameters and documentation.

Accessible patient data

You can find several pre-loaded patient data scenarios to test your solution. There are thousands of synthetic patient data to make a rich presentation.


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